Hill training

Hill training. I’m sure most runners and triathletes would agree that the person who invented this phrase was rather inconsiderate. Running uphill is always tough but sprinting uphill is crazy.

I have a delightful sleep in because training doesn’t start until 6am; getting up in the fives is positively luxurious. We gather just before 6am, chatting as we waited for start time. The pre-training chat is one of the many nice things about running with a club. I’m sure the local residents don’t like it as much though, given that 6am is early for many families.

After a warm-up jog we complete three sprints up the hill. It doesn’t sound like much but by the end of the first sprint my lungs are screaming and my legs hurt. After three sprints I my legs have turned to jelly and we still have to jog back to our cars.

The great thing about hill sprints is that they are over quickly. We got 4.5km done and dusted within half an hour. That’s pretty good value.

I’m going swimming tonight. I might bust out 1.5km of laps in the pool. There will be no method – just some freestyle, breast stroke and a bit of butterfly.


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