Splashing in puddles

I wake to the sound of rain falling on the roof. It’s tempting to stay in bed, snuggled under the sheets with my partner. But I’ve committed to meeting my running friends at 5:30am so I get out of bed. After feeding the kittens I fill my hydro pack with water and head off to the bakery where we meet.

There are five of us standing in the rain outside the bakery contemplating our route. We had planned a 15km run out along Springacre Road. But we’re not sure whether the rain will get heavier and don’t want to be stranded far from the bakery if it really starts to bucket down. So we decide to take a shorter loop.

My friends are all from the Brisbane Bayside Runners and Walkers club (BRW). The long run gives us a chance to catch up on the week’s events and gossip. I start our run in shoes but after about 2km my shins and ITB are tight. I pull off my shoes and carry them in my bag, enjoying the sensation of wet grass beneath my feet.

Once I’m barefoot I can concentrate on the conversation and the kilometres start to pass easily. We run through suburban and acreage streets until we reach the waterfront at Point O’Halloran. It’s raining so heavily that I can’t see the islands through the sheet of water. The boats look hazy out on the water through the rain. I run on the grass alone looking out at the scenery.

When we return to the bakery our other club mates are also arriving. They’ve returned from the other club run that went out this morning. There’s only a small crowd today, maybe twenty of us. We talk about running and life, kids and pets, and everything else in between. It’s the best way to start the weekend.

Run: 11.2km @ 5:45 pace.


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