Mountain to point ride

Cycling through Sheldon

I start my ride by heading east on Mount Cotton Road. I settle into a rhythm under the watchful eye of the mountain above me to the north. The sun is sitting just above the horizon, warming the air and creating a golden glow across the paddocks. I ride past Sirromet Winery where the wallabies steal leaves from the rows of grape vines threading their way along their support wires.

I love watching the seasons reflected in the vines. Just half a year ago the vines were bare but today they are full of life and covered in leaves. In winter the fog sits in the valley across the road from the vineyard but in summer the air is thick and dry. It’s a constant reminder of the uncontrollable and natural cycles of life.

I make the dangerous right turn into Woodlands Drive. The turn is dangerous because it sits in a gully with corners both ahead and behind me. Taking the turn safely I settle into a rhythm along Woodlands Drive. This road is quieter than Mount Cotton Road and takes me east towards the bay. I stop along the way to take a photo of a dam with cattle around it. This type of imagery is one half of what I love about living in the Redlands. I sing to the songs on my iPod as I scoot along the road.

I drop down out of the hills into Cleveland. A strong tailwind pushes me all the way out to Cleveland Point. The road out to the point is quiet today. There are usually packs of cyclists heading out along the point road but this morning there are just a smattering of individuals cycling alone like I am. Either I’m late or the local cycling and triathlon clubs are having a rest day today.

Out at the point I stop for a few moments to enjoy the view over Moreton Bay. The sky is hazy with humidity and I can’t even see the islands in the distance. But out on the horizon I spot a white fleck. It’s the sail of a yacht, just barely visible from shore. Having a focal point on the horizon gives me a different perspective on the whole view because it draws my attention to the exposed brown rocks extending into the water on the low tide.

The tailwind that pushed me out to the point is now a strong head wind. I push forward on my tri bars forcing myself to settle into a rhythm rather than race. I make good progress and am back on the main road heading home in no time. I ride the 20km home along familiar roads singing to my iPod. Today I particularly enjoy Rascal Flatts’ Unstoppable, which is all about digging deep and never giving in. It seems appropriate. Pity the other cyclist I caught up with who had to listen to me singing.

Distance cycled: 41.5km at 28.3kph. It’s not the fastest ride but I enjoyed it and that’s all that matters.


2 responses to “Mountain to point ride

  1. Definitely bringing my bike up with me the next time I venture north Andrew!

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