A beautiful morning for a run

A beautiful run

I wake with the alarm and decide that this morning I will just get out of bed without hitting snooze. It’s only 4:30am but already the sun is shining and the birds are singing. It’s a great morning for a run.

I drive down to Point O’Halloran, just five or ten minutes from home, and park our car near the water. There are lots of people out walking, jogging and cycling this morning. I take one last swig of Staminade, grab my GPS and lock the car before heading off down along the water front.

The grass is soft beneath my feet as I start my run. At some point the council planted a few palm trees down at this end of the esplanade, giving the area a truly subtropical feel. Being a real man of the subtropics I like the mix of palm trees and native shrubs that dot the parklands along the water.

I set myself a good pace for the first kilometre or two; pushing myself just a little to see how I go. My legs and feet feel good. There are areas where the foreshore is narrow so I run on the concrete path, taking care to step lightly enough not to jar my body. The contrast from the grass is pleasant and I make good time.

Around the middle of my run I slow down a bit to take in the view of the boats anchored out on the water. The small bay between Point O’Halloran and Victoria Point is sheltered both by the nature of the bay and by Coochiemudlo Island sitting just off the coast. There are almost always lots of yachts anchored off the shore and dinghies washed up on the beach. There are always a few drowned dinghies too, something that always amuses me.

I cross the main road at the end of the running track and cross to the southern side of Victoria Point. There’s a small beach and the sand is soft because the tide is high. I enter the beach in the middle so run all the way to the western end, then to the eastern end before leaving the beach where I entered and heading back towards the car. The soft sand and cool water feels fabulous on my feet, though it also gives my muscles a really good workout. I run the 1.24km on the beach at 6:16 min/km.

Once I reach the esplanade again I run hard and fast all the way back to the car. I am determined to get a bit of burn happening, so I do. I run the final 2.74km at 4:45 min/km, which is quite alright for me in training. It feels really good to get up a bit of speed.

Total run: 6.64km @ 5:14 min/km. It felt really good and I got up a really good sweat.


2 responses to “A beautiful morning for a run

  1. Wish I was an early bird like you Andrew, I’d be happy even getting up at 6am here for a run, but sadly my body screams NO and it’s more like 9am. That’ll have to change once I start working again though. What can I say, I’m a night owl and find it hard to crawl out of bed early! LOL! – Simone šŸ™‚

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