Hills and chilling

I took a day off writing yesterday before today’s return to work. I was too chilled after a big massage. Maybe a bit too chilled because this morning I couldn’t get myself up faster than a cruise.

I had a hill training session yesterday morning. Boy was it tough! We only sprinted up the hill three times but it’s a long steep hill with two nasty speed bumps in the middle just to make you stumble. I knew I had worked hard when I almost had to pull my car over on the way home to vomit. Fortunately, I managed to keep it together and avoid an embarrassing road-side incident. I haven’t trained hard enough to want to vomit since I was a junior so it was a bit of a surprise.

Yesterday was my last day of holidays. While I’ve worked from home almost every day during the holidays I decided to totally switch my mind off work for this one last day of freedom. It helped that Mum had organised a spa day at her house for my partner, sister, friend and me. Mum’s qualified in giving facials, and her best friend is a qualified masseuse and all-round Chinese medicine guru.

While Mum gave my partner a facial treatment, her friend gave me the best massage ever. It lasted about 1.5 hours and I enjoyed every second of it. My body was starting to feel a bit tight from all the training so the having my muscles kneaded, stretched and rubbed was probably the best thing for them.

After the massages we sat around eating fresh prawns, chicken, fresh bread and fruit. Then we went home to relax on the couch in front of some television. I didn’t last long on the couch though, taking a lovely afternoon nap (hence no blog post).

This morning I woke early to go for a 5am run with my friend, Ange. We met at the Redland Bay golf course and ran out along the water. I wish I’d brought a camera because the sight of the sun rising over the islands was spectacular. The water was dead flat and looked like a big golden sheet stretching out to the dark shapes of the tree-covered islands just a short distance off-shore. The sailing boats were white triangles with masts.

Despite (or maybe because of) the massage I was a bit tight this morning so we only managed 3km before I suggested we turn and run the 3km back to our cars. On our return to the cars we spent ten minutes stretching and chatting before leaving for our respective homes.

The stretch must have done me good because when I passed the bush tracks near home I pulled in and went for a short 2.5km jog along the trails with some other friends who happened to be about to set off. Then I indulged in a 1.5km bush-bash back to my car as my friends hit the trails for their run. The sound of the birds singing in the trees was soothing and excellent preparation for my first day back in the office after almost three weeks of working from home (and the hospital).

Tuesday: Run 4km including hill springs

Wednesday: Run 6km + 2.5km


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