Speed on the bike

It’s a beautiful morning for a bike ride so I mount my bike and ride out to the main road for a speed session. At 7am the road is quiet and the sun is shining. I feel happy to be out on my bike.

I ride down to the fourth roundabout to start my first sprint. The sprint starts with a long hard climb up towards the third roundabout. I stand on the pedals with my hands down on the drops, cranking my legs up the hill. I get to the top of the hill and fly down through the third roundabout and along the flat to the second roundabout. From there I climbed up the hill to the first roundabout where I turn around and ride hard all the way back to the fourth roundabout where I started. I forgot to start my GPS for the lap but including the 2km warmup I rode 5.49km at 30.8kph.

After a 1.37km recovery at 24kph I start my second sprint. This time I start at the third roundabout. I stand on the pedals as I sprint along the flat to the hill that leads back to the first roundabout where I turn around and ride hard back to the third roundabout. My lungs and legs are screaming. This sprint feels like a struggle but I hang in there. I complete the 1.58km loop at 34.2kph and ease into a 1.9km recovery at 25.1kph.

I ride the next two sprints between the second and third roundabouts. The first is 750m at 37.9kph and the second is 730m at 38.1kph. I take a 580m recovery between the two sprints at 23.4kph. Each sprint includes hills and roundabouts so I am please with both the speed and the technical skills training I’m getting.

I suck oxygen down so hard that my mouth feels dry even though I’m drinking water during my 1.48km recovery, which I ride at 22.9kph. I was going to do my final sprint by riding a loop from the first through the third roundabout but instead I decide to push myself all the way through to the fourth roundabout. I work really hard and ride the 3.29km loop at 33.7kph, standing all the way up the hills and pedalling hard through the turn at the fourth roundabout.

After my sprints I explore some nearby streets during a 4.25km warm down at 23.3kph bringing my total ride to 21.4km with an average speed of 28.0kph.

I am sure this speed work will help me be stronger at my next race on 19 February. Especially given that the 40km will be flat there while my speed work has been on a hilly course.



4 responses to “Speed on the bike

  1. Nice workout Andrew, you’ve inspired me to find some hills for sprints around home for when I finally get my roadie. Good luck with the Oly, I’m sure you’ll do extremely well, particularly if you keep up this training effort! Go for it! – Simone 🙂

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Simone 🙂

      I can definitely recommend throwing the odd speed session into your cycling. It will come in particularly handy on days when you are short of time (or daylight) because you can get the same quality through higher intensity

  2. Sounds like a hard session! Like Simone said, once the now melts here im getting my bike back out and going to find some quiet hills.

    • G’day Stew 🙂 It was hard but it was also short so the pain was over quickly *LOL*. Brrr on the snow. You must be tough to be able to train in such cold conditions.

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