Sprinting in the rain

The local high school track where we sprint

I am woken not by my alarm but by the sound of a rain squall pummelling our steel roof. It’s Tuesday though, so I’m not even tempted to sleep in because the speed work session is my favourite training session of the week.

My brother-in-law is going to pick our car up this morning so I have to ride my motorbike to training. It’s raining so I will not be a happy camper if my running buddies fail to show after I make the twenty minute ride to the track. And happy camper I’m not when I arrive to find no one else has turned up; until Randall and his family turn up right on 6am ready to run. Randall organises the speed sessions so it’s great that he and his family are here.

The track is wet but not soggy so we decide to use it for our speed training. This is much better than having to mark our own track out on the nearby football fields.Β It drizzles the entire time we were out running, only starting to bucket down after we finish our cool-down lap.

After a two-lap warm up and some stretches we do four 100m strides to get our legs ready for the sprints ahead. Today we are running 2 x 300m and 4 x 150m sprints with rests in between. It doesn’t sound like much but we run each at full pace.

My times:

  • 57 seconds for each 300m
  • 26 seconds for my first and third 150m
  • 25 seconds for my second 150m
  • 24 seconds for my fourth 150m.

I’ve not timed my 300m and 150m sprints before so I’m not sure how these times measure up to the last time we did this session (4 weeks ago) but I’m pleased at my consistency over the six sprints.


4 responses to “Sprinting in the rain

  1. Great session! I love sprint workouts, I’m going to steal this plan and do it when the snow melts. Thanks

    • I love them too Stew, unless they are too tough πŸ˜‰ Feel free to steal the plan. It’s not the world’s greatest or toughest sprint plan but it’s better than nothing and I am enjoying it. πŸ™‚

  2. Nice work Andrew, feel free to send some rain our way. We are getting your humid tropical weather down south but no rain! LOL! Sprints are something else I’ll be looking at once I’ve built up my base running fitness. – Simone

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