Recovery ride

I’ve had two days of hard training so I decide to take it easy this morning with a recovery ride. I leave home just after 6am. The sun is shining, the air is still and there’s not a sound on the air. I plug in my earphones and head off down the road listening to a mix of my favourite songs.

By the time I hit Mount Cotton Road I’m in a comfortable rhythm cruising along at an average speed of 31kph. I let my body feel the rhythm of the music as my wheels roll down the road. I focus on keeping my cadence high by dropping back to one smaller gear than I would usually use in each section of the road. It’s strange at first but I can feel the benefit of using less power and more rotation to propel myself forward.

The vineyard is pretty as I ride past. The netted vines look like rows of brides in flowing white veils. The sky above the white covered vines is bright blue and the grass beneath is luminescent green. I turn right into Woodlands Drive. Cattle graze peacefully in the paddocks along the road and I catch occasional glimpses of Moreton Bay and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands between the trees at high points along the road. The water is golden in the sunlight.

I reach the Boundary Road intersection and turn right towards Victoria Point. I pedal hard down the start of the hill to get some speed before I drop my body back over the back wheel with my hands on the drops. I reach 62kph down the hill. I’ve taken the hill faster in the past but it’s still fast on a bicycle – and I enjoy the exhilaration of going fast downhill.

I follow the road down to Point O’Halloran. I slow down as I ride the 2.1km along the foreshore so that I can enjoy the view. I never tire of the sight of moored yachts and anchored dinghies. I see a kayaker paddling on the bay. He’s silhouetted against the morning sun and I wish I had brought my camera to capture the moment. It’s so peaceful that I go from riding at an average of 29.0kph down to 23.1kph.

I turn right out onto Colburn Ave and make my way to the bakery. I know my running club friends will be there and I’m keen to catch up with them. The coffee shop is packed – there must have been at least 40 people turn up to running this morning. It’s lovely to catch up with my friends for a little while and hear what they’ve been up to before I hop back on my bike and ride the last 10km home.

My recovery ride was a lovely way to start the weekend. I’m heading away with Mum for a weekend in Redcliffe while my son has a mother-son weekend with my partner at our home so it was fitting to have a relaxed training session this morning instead of a high energy one.

Total distance: 24.68km @ 27.9kph. The first 21.35km were at 29.0kph.


One response to “Recovery ride

  1. I love recovery rides when you don’t need to be thinking about cadence or speed, but can just enjoy the feeling of being outdoors and healthy. It’s definitely what makes training fun, well for me anyway! – Simone 🙂

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