A glorious ride

Cleveland Point at dawn

Mum and I arrive at Cleveland Point to a glorious summer sunrise over Moreton Bay. We watch the bright yellow ball of sun climbing steadily over the horizon as we remove our bikes from the back of her ute. It’s a promising start to what will be a glorious morning ride.

We join the tens of other morning cyclists heading riding along the Cleveland Point road. There are almost no cars and for a few hours we cyclists own these few kilometres of road. Some fly by in packs and pace lines while the rest of us cruise along at a more relaxed pace, enjoying the beautiful surrounds.

Mum and I ride out through Cleveland proper and out to Wellington Point some 13km away. The roads are quiet compared to our usual battle with commuter traffic along Mt Cotton and Redland Bay Roads. It gives us a chance to catch up on each others’ lives as we spin our legs comfortably. We ride two-abreast most of the way because the road is wide and there are cycle lanes; I only drop behind when it’s necessary for safety.

Enjoying the serenity at Wellington Point

About half an hour later we arrive at beautiful Wellington Point where we stop for a few minutes to enjoy the serenity.

Mum's a winner

We take some time to take candid photos of our ride.

Wellington Point jetty

The Wellington Point jetty looks peaceful and inviting on such a quiet morning. On weekends the jetty will be crowded with fisherman hoping for a bite and teenagers diving off the end into the cool water. But this morning we have it to ourselves and I feel like I’m on holidays despite having to be at work in two hours.

We ride back to Cleveland, again enjoying the space to ride two-abreast on wide roads with bike lanes. By the time we return to Cleveland the early morning cyclists have all left and we have the road to the point all to ourselves.

This is living! And this is why I got back into triathlon – to be fit enough to enjoy the scenery and special moments that come along with living life outdoors.

Total: 26.5km @ 23.5kph


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