A quick swim

The full moon sets in the west and the morning sun rises in the east as I slide my body into the warm pool water. I only have 25 minutes before I have to take Mum into the city so I can’t swim long but I’m determined to squeeze a session in.

I start with 500m alternating between 50m freestyle and 50m breast stroke. My shoulders let me know that it’s been too long since my last swim session but I don’t mind because I’ve been working hard on my weaknesses: running and cycling. I enjoy the sensation of my body moving through the water and the sight of the red sky as I face the east to breath.

For my second 500m set I alternate between kicking with a kickboard for 50m and swimming butterfly for 50m. My shoulders ache as I hold the kickboard in front of me but feel strong when I pull them over the water in the butterfly. Butterfly is a tough stroke but I find it fun. There’s something playful about moving through the water like a dolphin. Well, maybe a wounded dolphin but you get the idea.

After my 1km session I sprint 50m, do breast stroke 50m and swim 100m freestyle to finish off with 1.2km. It’s not an earth shattering session but is just enough to keep me going for another day. Tonight I might squeeze in a run along the water front because my partner is working late so I’ll be home alone.

Total: 1.2km swim in 20 minutes


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