Rest day ramblings – What a cool event!

Thanks to Steve in a Speedo?! Gross! for sharing this event on your blog.

The Monster and Mini Monster Triathlon events in Hawaii are being held again in February 2012 to celebrate the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon of years gone by. In a way, it’s celebrating everything that was fantastic about many sports in the days before sport became a fashion statement.

The event is a club race held by Team Mango Races, Hawaii. It is an unsupported Ironman and 70.3 event held on Kona. It is held in February because this was when the original Hawaii Ironman Triathlons were held before they were shifted to October in 1982. Unlike the expensive official Hawaii Ironman event, this event has no entry fee but entrants who are not club members are asked to donate $US68, for which the entrant also receives a t-shirt. The field is limited to 100 competitors so, compared with most triathlons held here in Australia, it’s a small intimate field.

Sure, the roads aren’t closed and athletes have to stop at every stop sign and red traffic light, and cycle in the cycle lane. Athletes are allowed to receive outside assistance, such as buying drinks or food from shops along the route. Athletes caught cheating by using vehicles or drafting (whether off other cyclists of vehicles) will be disqualified.

The event doesn’t have the prestige and profile of the official Hawaii Ironman but there are also no qualifying races, no high entry fees and no need to ride a $10,000 bicycle. There’s even a special vintage category for athletes who ride steel bikes and don’t wear speed suits.

While I’m not drawn to the Ironman events, this particular version of it appeals to me and I think I need to add it to my bucket list.


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