Can’t resist a swim


I feel restless when I wake at 2am. I think I need to do something physical so at 6am I jump in the pool for a session.

I’ve downloaded a 14session swimming program aimed at 1,500m swimming. I know free online programs aren’t as good as a coach but so far I’ve just been playing my swim training by ear. And that alone has resulted in me consistently swimming with the leaders. So I figure any program will be fine for now.

I bought a pull buoy / kickboard yesterday so I can add them to my training too.

My goal for Byron Bay is to swim the entire course freeystyle rather than resorting to breast stroke. I think this.might cut a few more minutes off ny swim time too.

Today’s session:
Warm up
100m freeystyle, 100m pull, 100m kick.

Main set
10 x 100m pull with 15 seconds rest.

Cool down
100m breast stroke


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