Another swim

I’m working hard on swimming this week while I rest my sore foot. Today’s session was:
Warm up
100m freeystyle, 50m pull, 100m drill, 50m pull, 100m breast stroke.

Main set
10 x 50m pull with 30 second rest between each 50m. My arms gother tired through this set but I persisted, thinking about how much stronger I will be in the swim at future races.

10 x 75m steady freeystyle with 15 second rest between each 75m. I was glad there were only 3 people swimming in the 8 lane pool because I had to stop in the middle of each second 50m lap. I felt strong and made it through the set comfortably.

4 x 100m freeystyle at race pace with 30 seconds rest between each 100m. I wasn’t quite sure what my race pace is so I just went hard for each, about 85%-90% so that I kept form. I ended up doing the first 3 in 90 seconds and the last 5 seconds faster. It was fast enough to feel like I was working but didn’t leave me gasping for air. If I were to push like that for 1,500m I would swim a respectable 22:30.

Cool down
100m breast stroke. 100m kick.

The session felt fantastic.

Total: 2.25km


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