Squeezing in a quick swim

Just a quick post to mention my sneaky swim this morning.

I was up at 3am to get to the airport for a 5:30am flight to Canberra. After sleeping on the flight (there were only 40 passengers on the whole plane) I arrived at 8:10am. My first meeting wasn’t until 10:30am and was only 4km from Canberra Olympic Pool so I squeezed in today’s swim set (I had my goggles, togs and towel in my bag).

Warm up: 400m freestyle

Main set: 10 x 100m freestyle hard with 20 second recovery

Cool down: 50m kick, 50m pull (easy)

Off to meeting now 🙂

Maybe I can squeeze my scheduled run in when I arrive back in Brisbane tonight. I should be walking in my door by 7:30pm and I think it’s only a 30 minute speed run. It’d be kinda cool to do two sessions in one day in locations about 1,200km apart.


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