Work those hills!

A quick photo op at the top of a hill

My bike session this morning was 75 minutes long. The ‘task’ for the session was to ride rolling hills, working hard on each climb.

I started with a 10 minute warm up at 27.1kph. I know I’m getting a lot fitter because I’m now riding my warm ups as quickly as I was riding my training sets earlier this season.

The sun rising over a dam during my warm up

Then came the hills. We have a stretch of road cyclists call ‘the Seven Sisters’ because there are seven consecutive hills. I usually call them the rollercoaster. I rode the Seven Sisters and then continued for a few kilometres to climb the big hill leading to the Carbrook caravan park. I rode over the hill and climbed back up it before riding back over all Seven Sisters. I still had 12 minutes of climbing time remaining after my second round through the Seven Sisters so I turned around and rode the out over the first five again before turning around to finish my set by riding those final five sisters again.

Each time I climbed a hill I stood on the pedals with my hands on the drops, working as hard as I could. I didn’t focus on speed, just on working hard and pushing my legs through where I thought my limits were. And I tried not to cheat too much by flying down the hills to get a run off for the next hill, though I did still enjoy some speed play 🙂 .

The top of one of the Seven Sisters looking down the road to her next nasty sibling

My main set was 48 minutes at 30.1kph.

I completed my ride with an 18 minute cruise home at 26.1kph to warm down and stretch my legs. During the warm down I focused on my technique. The sun was behind me for a few kilometres so I tried to keep my upper body still, using the shadow to watch for any rocking motion.

Total: 36.62km @ 28.8kph.


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