Some end of season fun planned

On 20 May, one week after the Byron Bay Triathlon, my sister and I will be participating in our first adventure race, the Adventure Race Australia, Queensland. Neither of us have done one before so it should be a lot of fun as we fumble our way through the course. Being crazy we have entered the Hard Core race, rather than the shorter RAW event.

The Hard Core event promises up to 35km MTB, 15km trail running and a range of other activities such as kayaking, obstacles and abseiling or rock climbing.

I’ve always wanted to participate in an adventure race and this year I’ll be fit after a full season of triathlon training. My sister plays soccer so she’ll also be reasonably fit to take on the challenge. It’s the MTB sections that will pose us the greatest challenge – both physically and technically. But we’re up for it and both just want to get out there and give it a go.

I’ve included a small YouTube clip from the 2011 Adventure Race Australia, Queensland to give you a taste of what we will be likely to experience on 20 May.

Our team name is Whoops Which Way. I think that probably says it all 🙂

Note: I did swimming training this morning. 300m warm up, 6 x 50m freestyle with 15 sec rest, 2 x 500m freestyle (50m easy, 50m fast) with 1 min rest, 100m breast stroke to warm down.

Total: 1.7km swim


7 responses to “Some end of season fun planned

  1. I’d enter the Hard Core race as well if I lived over there . . . it looks great fun 🙂 I feel quite envious!

    • It does look fun doesn’t it 🙂 LOL about entering the Hard Core race 🙂 Only way to go is all out isn’t it – otherwise we might miss out on some fun.

      I bet they have cool adventure races where you are too …

      • They do have similar ones to yours, but I can never find anyone who wants to take part. Perhaps I should widen my circle of friends 🙂

        Meant to say I liked the team name you chosen – made me laugh.

  2. That looks amazing, Really challenging. I’ve started looking at some other endurance bike races after last weekend.

    • I am really excited about the race but am glad I’ve left it to the end of my season so I can just go hard without worrying about the consequences *LOL*. I can chose to either smash myself or take it super easy on the day 🙂

      I can’t wait to read about your endurance bike races. They’ll be heaps of fun 🙂 I am kinda jealous of you for having cyclocross where you live because I so want to give it a try

      • “smash myself” I like that. That race looks like doing all the really outdoorsy things they show in chewing gum commercials or something, Looks like a very well organized event, and a lot of fun. Not 100% sure I can start doing mountain bike races. I may have enough things going on already.

      • Hahaha!!! That’s so funny about it being like a chewing gum commercial. That’s so true (but soft drink commercials here – chewing gum commercials here in Oz have nothing to with the outdoors 😉 ).

        I am a little nervous about taking on more than I can chew but figure that I have a solid basic fitness and we’ve not entered to race – just to participate.

        Reckon you’d do better on a MTB than me because at least with cyclocross you already have off-road skills 🙂

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