Trail run

The sun is hot on my skin as I run down the street towards the bush. It’s already 5:30pm and the last half hour of sunlight promises to be punishing. I run down the road to the start of the bush trails, the white trunks of the Moreton Bay ash trees towering above me against the blue sky.

I practice some precision jumps across two large mud puddles, keeping my new white joggers clean in the process. After about 500m I vault the gate to the Bayview Conservation Park and am away along a narrow rocky stretch of single track. The trail roughly follows the contours around the edge of a hill, rising and falling with the changing terrain. I kept my mind in the bush and on the trail for most of the time. It wandered to work twice and both times I almost rolled my ankle so that was incentive to focus on enjoying the bush.

While the sun was still hot the bush was quiet. The only sounds were my rhythmic breathing and footfalls on the rocks and gravel. Occasionally a wallaby hops across my path and skitters off into the bush or stops to eat grass.

And then the sun starts to sink quickly and the light turns gold on the western sides of the hills but grey on the east. The bush comes alive with the sounds of crickets and other night insects. My footfalls soon become inaudible over the din but my steady breathing continues to ring in my ears like a metronome.

After 5km I vault back over the gate and complete the last 3km of my run along quiet local roads. It’s dark by the time I get home, drenched in sweat. I ran the bush section of my run at 8:45 pace and the road sections at 5:45 pace. It’s not going to break any land speed records but was a solid and enjoyable run; the perfect way to finish the week.

Total: 8km run @ 7:11 pace


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