Time trial and hills

Overlooking the Logan River from Carbrook Road

As well as getting light later, it’s also finally starting to cool down slightly in the mornings. That doesn’t mean summer is over but just that there’s an end to the heat in sight. It also means that it’s going to start becoming more difficult to get out of bed and on the road for training. Fortunately, things are just perfect right now and I enjoy the 14’C air temperature as I hop on my bike to do today’s training session.

I head down the road for a 10 minute warm up  at 29.3kph. I feel relatively strong on the bike so am unconcerned about the training ahead. I settle in to enjoy it. After my warm up, I complete a 12 minute time trial along largely flat roads with a few intersections and a u-turn. I complete the set at 33.0kph, which is close to my current race pace (34kph) and just below my goal race pace (36kph). I suck in the big ones as I ride and know I have put in a solid effort.

After the time trial I ride a 6:45 recovery at 25.1kph. It’s difficult to believe that I struggled to cycle at 25.1kph when I first got back on my bike last August. Now it’s a comfortable recovery before I tackle my three hill climbs for the session. I climb Carbrook Road hard three times. I’m supposed to climb for 90 seconds but the hill isn’t long enough so I settle for 78 seconds of hard climbing. My lungs scream and legs burn so I know the set has done it’s trick. I stop after my third climb to take a photo of the view over the Logan River and down to the Gold Coast Hinterland in the distance.

I ride for 23 minutes at 29.1kph, still feeling strong. I don’t feel like I have to work to ride this pace despite the hills and heavy traffic. I don’t think I’ll ride the stretch of road from Loganholme to Mt Cotton Road at 6:15am again in a hurry because the trucks don’t leave much space for a lone cyclist riding along. I ended the ride with a short 4:40 cool down at 25.1kph. It’s funny how that turned out to be exactly the same speed as my recovery set.

I finished the morning with 15 minutes of gardening, moving some of my big 3 cubic metre pile of mulch from the footpath into the back garden.

Total: 30.28km @ 28.7kph


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