Rest day Twilight stats

I’m having a well-earned rest day today after my effort last night at Twilight. My feet, shoulders and the crease of my elbows are all sore. I am also slightly dehydrated, which I am working to correct. I’ve shifted my triathlon training sessions this week so that I still do the four hard week days and skip Wednesday’s easier session.

I checked out the results and it seems I did really well compared with the field. I knew it was a great time for me but I didn’t realise that I did so well  overall. So here’s my personal stats for the event.

Overall positions

There were 1,615 entrants in the field.

  • At the start line I was 874th
  • At the 10km mark I was 669th
  • At the finish I was 404th.

That means I overtook 470 runners during the race. I know that after the 1km mark, where the field settled, no one overtook me. It also puts me one position outside the top quarter of the field. Wow! I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised.

Gender positions

867 men started the race.

  • At the start line I was 578th
  • At the 10km mark I was 515th
  • At the finish I was 333rd.

That makes it look like many men went out hard and faded in the second half because, unlike my overall placings, I overtook a disproportionate number of men in the second half of my race compared with the first.

Category positions (30-39 males)

329 men in my age category entered the race. Of those, the first 12 finished in the top 25 of the entire field and 19 in the top 50, so it’s a really strong category.

  • At the start line I was 227th
  • At the 10km mark I was 198th
  • At the finish I was 130th.

I’m really happy with that because I puts me just outside the top third of my group. Not bad for a bloke who doesn’t consider himself a distance runner.




One response to “Rest day Twilight stats

  1. That is a great feeling when you look at the results and see that you did better than you thought. I love surprising myself. Congratulations!

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