I’m still alive

Just a quick post to say I’m still alive. I’ve just been flat out with a weekend as a technical official at the Mooloolaba triathlon kids race, ITU world cup races and age group race. I was on the field of play for about 23 hours over the two days and spent 5 hours on my motorbike traveling to and from the event.

I took the weekend off training because there was no way I had energy to do any after my volunteering efforts and then I took Monday off to recover.

I did an hour on the bike yesterday morning before the dawn and then spent an hour shifting mulch around my garden. This morning I shifted more mulch and this evening I will be doing another hour bike ride.

My focus is definitely starting to shift away from triathlon and towards my Australian Alps Walking Track adventure next March. I’ve still got two races to go this season and am sure they will be a lot of fun. But my training is definitely going back to where it was before I thought I would focus on Byron Bay. I’m going back to just enjoying being active rather than trying to kill myself training for a race where even at my best I’ll just be in the middle of the pack. That’s not meant to sound defeatist – rather I have remembered why I got into triathlon in the first place: to get fit and enjoy life not to flog myself in training.

I’ll write properly this weekend when I’m up in Karratha all the way over on the north-west coast. I’ve got 3 days up there so am sure to get in some fabulous beach running šŸ™‚


2 responses to “I’m still alive

  1. Glad you’re ok lol.

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