Passing of the inspirational Micah True (aka Caballo Blanco)

I think many in the running community will be sad to hear that Micah True who has passed away. The media haven’t yet been able to report the cause of the legendary runner’s death and perhaps it doesn’t matter because knowing won’t bring him back.

The stories that Christopher McDougall wrote of Caballo Blanco in his book Born to Run were the final inspiration that caused me to get out running again after many years absence from the sport. (The first inspiration was Mac who writes Hemlock1981 here on WordPress).

To all those who knew the man in real life, I offer my condolences. To all those who were inspired by him as I was, perhaps we can dedicate our next run to his memory. And to those who have not yet heard of the legend, I encourage you to read Born to Run because it’s such a beautiful and inspirational story of how Caballo Blanco helped McDougall’s running and, through that help, possibly also helped thousands of other runners.

May Micah True be at peace in the place to which his soul travels and may he find many miles of amazing trails to explore there (if that’s what he wants).


One response to “Passing of the inspirational Micah True (aka Caballo Blanco)

  1. Perfect tribute to an inspiring man, RIP Micah.

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