25 caches in 3 days

Bush picnic spot

I’ve had three rewarding days of geocaching mixed in with my bushwalking adventures. I found 25 geocaches out of the 28 I was able to try to bag this weekend. My geocaching adventures took me to beautiful places I would probably otherwise not have visited, including the fallen tree above where I ate lunch today.

On the Darlington Range Road

On Saturday after my bushwalk at Mt Barney I spent many hours riding my motorbike through the valleys and hills between Rathdowney and Beaudesert. The roads were perfect for riding and caching took me through stunning country.

Heading into the Lost World

The treasure hunt gave me an excuse to ride my motorbike (a Suzuki GS500 road bike) down loads of rough gravel roads deep into the valleys and hills of the land between the Scenic Rim and the Gold Coast Hinterland. Most of these caches were relatively close to the road so I didn’t have to do much walking but I covered about 350km on my motorbike.


I wasn’t able to put smileys on all the caches in the area because the Easter long weekend was so busy but that just gives me an excuse to come back.

Easter Sunday’s geocaching expedition saw me grab three caches close to home. The caches didn’t require much walking but did require some imagination and searching.

View from the summit of Mt Cotton

Today I got physical by going after ten caches that each required some bushwalking. Over the course of the day I walked about 15km, both along tracks and through untracked bushland. I had a grand time exploring bushland close to home, including the amazing views from the top of Mount Cotton. I never knew Mount Cotton had trails leading to it’s summit but now that I know I’ll have to go back and explore it some more.

Mossy tree

My favourite part of geocaching is that it makes me more aware of my surrounds. I notice fallen trees and the changes in altitude because it’s necessary when looking for the GZ. Being aware also helps me notice things that look pretty, like this moss-covered fallen tree.

My motorbike is 750m that way somewhere

My second favourite cache today (after the climb to the summit of Mount Cotton0 was a cache hidden 750m from the road in untracked bushland. Navigation was relatively simple and it was a good confidence boost for me to know that my navigation skills are still there after not having used them much in a few years.

It was a glorious day. I left home at 9am and didn’t return home until after 4pm.


4 responses to “25 caches in 3 days

  1. I recently noted details of cache’s near where I live; just need to go out and find them now. Think I’ll get quite carried away once I start lol.

    • LOL. It is so easy to get carried away πŸ™‚ I am going on a road trip for 2 weeks from Monday and am already compiling a list of the caches I want to try to collect while we’re on the way πŸ˜‰

  2. If you ever road trip down to Myrtle Beach- please let me know- I’d love to cache with an expert!

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