Morning MTB

Banksia flowers

The Adventure Race Australia is only five weeks away so this morning I decided to swap my road ride to an MTB session. I only intended to go out for an hour but ended up almost doubling that because I was enjoying myself so much. I started out riding fire trails and doing some hike-a-bike up and down the unridable hills near my house (even the MTB guide says they are unridable so that makes me feel better). It’s been a while since I rode off-road but it didn’t take me long to get my confidence and to be scooting along at a reasonable pace.

Fun single track through the she-oaks

I rode down to the lowlands area of the bush where there are more single tracks than up near my home. The surface here was soft and some of the trails were so narrow my hands were brushing against the she-oaks as I rode. I found myself on a track I’d never ridden before and it just went on and on. Quite a bonus really – one I’ll be back to ride again.

Ferntastic single track

I also came into a fern gully. It felt rather eerie compared with all the eucalypt and she-oak forests that surround it. Maybe it’s the density of the ferns that makes me feel that way. It was pretty though.

I am getting used to riding my MTB over more obstacles than I was last time I went out. It’s as though the break has given my body and mind time to adjust to the changes between road and dirt riding. Despite having a fully rigid steel frame on my bike and flat bed pedals I was able to pull up and over a lot of fallen logs.

I have to say that I much prefer riding in the bush to being on the road. Even the hundreds of spiders webs that slapped themselves onto my face didn’t detract from the simple pleasure of exploring on two wheels.

Total: MTB 1hr 50 mins


2 responses to “Morning MTB

  1. Where abouts is this?? It looks beautiful! But are there walking tracks too??? I don’t want to get in the road of the bikes

    • These trails are down in the Bayview Conservation Area, which is bounded by Carbrook, Redland Bay and Mount Cotton about 40km south of Brisbane. There are multiple access points, though many people seem to use Days Road. There really aren’t many mountain bikers that use these trails regularly so I reckon it’s safe for walking. My running group often run there for training and in all the time I’ve been using the trails (we’re talking decades) I’ve only seen about half a dozen other mountain bike riders. The trails are also sometimes used by local horse riders and the odd unlawful trail bike rider (though the council is pretty quick at closing trail bike entries).

      And there’s no risk of getting run over if you bump into me because I’m not a fast bike rider 😉

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