A few rest days

I’ve decided to take three rest days this week. I am currently covered in itchy lumps and am not sure whether they are the result of insect bites, allergic reaction to some sort of plant or a virus such as chicken pox. I don’t feel sick, though I did have a temperature most of last week that I put down to the effects of heat exposure the previous weekend in the Pilbara, and I have had a runny nose and watery eyes this week. I am seeing my doctor after work tomorrow because it didn’t seem urgent enough to see someone sooner. Hopefully it’s just an allergic reaction; though some of the itchy lumps are in locations that certainly didn’t see the light of day while I was recently outdoors.

My left foot has still been giving me trouble too so a few days off it will probably help prepare for the rigors of riding my motorbike for 2 weeks. Motorcycling seems to put pressure on whatever the injury is. I will see a podiatrist when I return from my Julia Creek trip to see whether they can diagnose anything. My only concern is the high cost of medical exploration such as CT scans and MRIs. I’m sure my insurance will still leave me a gap and I would rather spend my money on travel than on tests that are inconclusive. My partner has similar foot pains and the podiatrist told her that he couldn’t work out what the cause was; needless to say, I won’t be going to the same podiatrist.  I am sure a few days rest will work wonders anyway.

I think listening to my body is important. And I know that every time the seasons change my body reacts to it. It’s cooling down in Brisbane; the days are still gloriously warm but the mornings and evenings are now cool enough for me to wear my winter motorbike jacket instead of the lightweight summer one. I can smell fresh new scents in the air as the air changes from hot and humid to cool and dry. It will still be another month before the winter weather really kicks in so we’re still likely to have some late-season heat but the cold has definitely started to set in.

Winter is a time of activity for me. It’s a time to explore the bush and enjoy the blue skies. It’s time to experience camp fires and waking up shivering in my tent. I have a new training focus and look forward to the long slow miles walking with a pack and sessions in the gym to strengthen the muscles I need to make carrying both my mother and my camping equipment on long hikes more comfortable. Yes, I have promised to carry my mother’s gear for her if she joins me on some through-walks. She likes to walk but not to carry a loaded pack so it seems a fitting compromise for having her company.

So I am resting yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s lovely to stay curled up in bed until 5:30am and to spend some time in my garden before work. Saturday I hope to go hiking again. I’m not yet sure where but am certain it will be a grand day out.


2 responses to “A few rest days

  1. Love it when you mention staying in bed until 5:30 🙂 there are many people I know who don’t know 5:30am exists! Hope you get your foot sorted.

    • LOL. I was up at 4am this morning but I know my running buddies know this time because they were out training for their marathon at 4:20am yesterday and will be leaving at 4:10am next Saturday (I’m not doing the marathon so I don’t have to get up that early 😉 )

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