Inspiration and running friends

It’s 4am and I’m already out of bed because my partner has just left for work. I turn on the television and watch some trash while reading blogs. The thought of joining my running friends for their hour run at 5:30am crosses my mind but I start making excuses: what’s the point, I’ll be away for two weeks anyway; I have to be at Mum’s early to help her with final preparations for leaving; and I might as well wait until camp tonight so I can run somewhere new.

As I browse my emails I that there is a new post on the A Fat Man’s Journey blog. I read through the post and the one before it. It reminds me to stay strong. I feel inspired by this man. He has his struggles but reading his journey helps me with my own desires to live a healthy and fulfilled life. All the blogs I follow inspire me but this morning it was that particular blog I needed.

I’ve been at my excuses before. I once was fit but then I plateaued and rested on my laurels. Before I knew it 5 years had passed without exercise and I had gained 15kg. Not only that, but I had also descended into depression, and compulsive obsession with adult internet sites and Second Life.

No. I will not go there! I have worked too hard this past year to become a healthy happy man. I get up, pull on my running clothes and head out the door. I need this healthy life because I am happier out exploring the world than spending my days in my lounge room watching trash TV and surfing the net. I am a better partner and friend too when I am healthy.

Down at the local shops I meet with J and M. It’s great to see them because it’s been weeks since I joined in a club run. Weeks too long. I tried the whole serious triathlete thing for the past month or so and learned it doesn’t suit me. I am much happier running with my friends than trying to improve my race times. Running with my friends is a simple pleasure and will help me get fit for my other adventures.

I want to continue to stay fit. I need a solid level of fitness so that I can enjoy my adventures. I don’t want to suffer while hiking in Carnarvon Gorge  while carrying a heavy pack – I want to enjoy the gorge that I’m walking through. To do that, I need to be fit. To be fit, I need to go out training. And the most enjoyable training sessions (other than my hikes) are those I spend with my friends.

Did I mention we had a glorious run. 🙂

Total: 1 hour aerobic run


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