Julia Creek trip day 1




We don’t manage to get away until almost 1pm. Mum’s got last minute prep to do and it takes time. It’s frustrating for us all but not worth getting upset about.

After we get underway we cruise out from Logan to Ipswich before turning north through the Brisbane Valley. It feels good to get out of the city and I feel myself start to unwind.

We stop at Wivenhoe Dam for lunch. It’s beautiful here sitting near the water. My bike is dwarfed by Mum’s awesome set up. She has a tent that folds out front her ute and everything you might need attached including fridge and freezer. It’s luxurious compared with my usual motorbike touring kit.

From Wivenhoe we continue through the valley out to the D’Aigular Hwy. We’re now surrounded by rolling pastures and grasses blowing in the breeze. The wind roars in my helmet making me wish I had remembered to buy earplugs.

We stop in a park next to a BP servo. Kids getting off a school bus are greeted by parents waiting in cars to pick them up. Houses here are acres apart; sonera kilometres from the road. Welcome to rural Australia.

At the park we decide to camp a Kingaroy. We were aiming for Boondooma Dam but won’t make it. Kingaroy is only 250km from home but will do.

I watch the clouds change to yellow abduction red as we enter cattle county. It keeps my mind occupied as the temperature drops and cold sets in. A quick stop in Nanango to change into my winter jacket fixes the cold.

Our campsite at Kingaroy is adequate. It’s a typical country campground. There’s trees, amenities and passing road noise. I’d rather a bush  camp but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Today was just about getting some kilometres under our belts.

We enjoy a good laugh at camp; my mum, grandmother and I. We’re tired tonight but ready to make some mileage tomorrow. And to explore a bit more.

(from my mobile so only limited editing and layout power)


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