10km run and geohunt

Feeling good after my run

After a fortnight in northern Queensland it was a bit of a shock to feel the temperatures in the low twenties (Celcius) today. The great thing about it was that I could go running in the middle of the day without worrying about carrying water or being too hot.

I used the Geocaching website to set myself a 10km route through Cleveland that would also take me past 13 geocaches that I hoped to find while I was out. I set off at midday from a carpark near the Cleveland Lighthouse, near which I bagged my first cache. It was a tiny micro that was about the size of my thumbnail. From there I followed paths along the waterfront, creeks and urban bushland.

The run was fantastic. I ran from cache to cache, stopping to walk as I approached within 20m of the cache coordinates so that I could hunt for them properly. I found 10 out of the 13 caches I set out to find. It was a pretty good haul.

I think this kind of training is good for me. It is interesting because I find my course as I go by navigating to the next geocache location. It also is a really solid workout because it’s a bit like fartlek with periods of concentration in between while I hunt for the cache. It’s probably a bit like the combination of skills necessary for adventure racing or orienteering.

Total: 9.89km @ 5:15 pace plus 10/13 caches found (approx 1 hour geocaching)

Geocache total: 79


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