Julia Creek Trip Day 12: Capricorn Caves to Deepwater


It’s our final day on the road as a trio. Tonight I will be staying with a friend in Deepwater, and my mum and grandmother will be staying with their friends at Hervey Bay. We’ll all be home by tomorrow night. It now feels like we’re homeward bound after a fabulous trip.

There’s not much to tell about today’s travel. We drove through Rockhampton to Gladstone where we stopped for morning tea on the harbour. The road into Gladstone is lined with heavy industry. There’s a huge new development being built to house the workers who will live here to keep the coal, electricity and aluminium industries growing. It feels oppressive driving through this type of landscape. Intellectually I know that we need it because our society (including me) has high electricity demands and uses a lot of aluminium products. But emotionally it feels horrible to know this type of industry is destroying our planet; especially after spending time in wilder areas.

From Gladstone we follow the increasingly busy Bruce Hwy south to Miriam Vale. There’s a lot of road work taking place as this section of the highway is upgraded. The road works make travel painfully slow as we have to stop frequently for the stop-slow controllers. Fortunately we can turn off the road in Miriam Vale to turn off the highway to take the back roads south rather than continue to battle the road works. I needed to turn off there anyway to get to Deepwater but Mum would ordinarily have taken the highway all the way south to the Hervey Bay exit, south of Childers.

We stop at the Lowmead Road exit where Mum has to turn left and I need to continue onwards. We stop here on the side of the road for lunch. It’s quiet here and there’s nowhere else to stop so we just set up our chairs right beside the road. Here we eat left over dinner for lunch before Mum and my grandmother leave me to continue our own separate ways. Our last meal together was lovely and as I rode off I reflected on the wonderful trip we had together.

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