Morning run

After my success at the Julia Creek Triathlon I am again enthusiastic about maintaining my fitness. I had a bit of a lull there that I put down to overtraining and fatigue, but the two weeks away on my motorbike have given me a lot of time to refocus. This morning was cold but it wasn’t difficult to leave the warmth of my bed to go running with my friends. I was up so early that I had to stand around in the cold at our meeting spot, waiting 15 minutes for everyone to turn up. That’s not to say they were late; rather, I was early.

The run itself was unremarkable. We ran through suburban streets to a pathway that runs along the foreshore of Moreton Bay. The sun came up as we ran, transforming the grey pre-dawn light to bright morning sunshine. It was humid this morning, despite the early cold, so by the time I returned to my motorbike after our run I was sweating heavily.

I enjoyed the run. It felt good to run with my friends and to work hard to keep up with the front-runners.

Total: 11.5km @ 5:56 pace. Heart rate in tempo range.


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