Pack hike and geohunt

Suburban Cleveland

I’m training for a five-day bushwalk with my mum in July. I’ll be carrying both our camping equipment and food so will need to be able to carry a heavy pack for the duration of the walk. I am following the Schurrmans’ training regime to improve my fitness for the walk. Their regime includes a mix of pack hiking, general aerobic conditioning and strength work.

Unlike the triathlon program I tried to follow, this program is relatively easy and more similar to the training I was doing before I thought I wanted to get serious about triathlon. Each week includes five aerobic sessions and three weights sessions. The aerobic sessions are separated into endurance (55% – 65% maximum heart rate), tempo (65% – 85% maximum heart rate) and intense (>85% maximum heart rate) sessions. Over the course of the program my pack weight will also increase; allowing my muscles and bones to adapt to the rigours of walking with a loaded backpack.

This morning was my first pack hike in years so I started with the beginners weight: 8kg. I don’t own a set of scales so I simply filled four 2L soft drink bottles with water and threw them into my 65L hiking pack. After loading some geocache coordinates into my GPS I set off to nearby Cleveland where I combined my walk with a solid geohunt.

Gum-lined lake

My walk took me along tree-lined paths and gum-lined lakes. I saw a swamp wallaby and her joey grazing in a park while I was out. I listened to a kookaburra laughing and birds singing in the trees. I honestly can’t believe people stay in bed until just before they leave for work because it seems like such a shame to miss out on the morning hours.

Total: 4.53km with pack + 8kg

Geocaches: 5 out of 8


2 responses to “Pack hike and geohunt

  1. Can’t wait till yu practice to take two dozen eggs! :-)))))

    • Bloody classic Mum πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      I have a really good egg holder that we can put a dozen eggs in. It will fit nicely in your pack πŸ˜‰

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