Walking with Mum

Crossing a creek

Our headlights cut through the darkness as we set off into the bush before the dawn. Everything is quiet except our feet crunching on the gravel.

Mum and I walk about one kilometre through the she-oaks before the first grey light of dawn raises the darkness. The bush comes to life with singing birds and colour. There are so many shades of green here: bright green grasses, near-flouresent green grass tree fronds, deep green paperbark tree leaves and green-black feathery she-oak fronds. They are contrasted by bright yellow banksia flowers, white paperbark trunks and brown water in the creeks. By the time we reach the 3km mark the sun has risen, increasing the splendour of the morning’s colours.

I’m glad I dragged myself out of bed this morning to go walking with Mum. Both for the walk and the company.

Total: 7.48km carrying backpack + 9kg.

2 responses to “Walking with Mum

  1. so let me get this right andrew, you’re carrying 9kg FOR FUN?

    • LOL. I’m training to do a 5 day trip with Mum. She doesn’t like to carry a heavy pack so I said I’d carry her gear and mine. So I’ll need to be able to carry about 25kg in my pack by late July.

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