Mothers Day walk and MTB

Creek at Karawatha

It’s the day after the Byron Bay Triathlon and it’s also Mothers’ Day. After my walk through Karawatha Reserve last weekend I invited my mum and grandmother to come to the Reserve for a picnic. I’d found a beautiful picnic area that would be perfect for a cooked bacon and egg brunch. So that’s exactly what we do this morning; bringing our camping stoves with us to cook up a bacon and egg storm.

The tree was attacking me – LOL

After our meal Mum and I set of on a short bushwalk. We walk down the Wild May Trail along the creek’s lagoon where little pathways lead to the water’s edge to allow walkers to enjoy a closer inspection of the creek. At the end of the Wild May Trail we turn down the Hakea Trail, which is a mixed-use trail that leads slightly uphill from the swampy creek bed up to drier ground. We then turn down an unnamed track that heads in the general direction of the picnic area. Just before it joins the Casuarina Track (which leads directly to the picnic area) we turn left down an unmarked trail. This single track takes us about 2km out of our way in a big loop back to the Hakea Trail. The walk was wonderful.

Total: 6km walk.

Daisy Hill Forest MTB ride

After our picnic I drive over to Daisy Hill Forest Park to do an MTB ride and geocache hunt. Daisy Hill Forest Park is an excellent local place for mountain bike riding. There are marked trails dedicated and designed specifically for MTB riding, containing all the usual MTB obstacles riders expect, such as logs and rock gardens. Mountain bike riders also have access to the mixed use trails for shared use by walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Some of the Daisy Hill Forest trail

More MTB trails

I spend two hours cruising some of the trails, sticking to the wider fire trails because I’m tired from yesterday’s race and not feeling confident. I’m still a beginner MTB rider and need a lot of practice but I have to be sensible about the way I go about getting that practice. I enjoy my afternoon out on the trails, taking it relatively easy and finding three geocaches while I’m out. I’ll definitely come back to more fully explore the trails, including the single track areas. Particularly as Daisy Hill Forest Park is only 20 minutes drive from my home.

Total: 14km MTB

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