Sandy Creek stroll

Enjoying Sandy Creek Conservation Reserve

Mum and I are training to walk the 5-day Carnarvon Gorge Great Walk in late July. This morning we went for a walk at Sandy Creek Conservation Reserve. It’s one of the smaller conservation reserves near my home. There are about three kilometres of trails running through the reserve. They largely travel through grasslands and white trunked scribbly gums, with a few small patches of she-oak and scrub.

We arrived in darkness and walked our first circuit of the trail with only our headlamps for light. The walking was easy along the wide flat trails. The bush is beautiful in the darkness; it’s all shapes and shadows. There’s the hard shape of tree trunks, and the shadow of grasses and leaves. Looking up I see starts twinkling in the clear sky.

We walk two loops of the main trail. As dark as our first loop was, our second loop was in daylight. It was like walking along a totally different trail. Instead of shapes and shadows, the bush was now all colour. The bright light green grasses, dark green leaves and white scribbly bark tree trunks.

I am loving all my morning training sessions. It’s a big change to a year ago when I was still a couch potato.

Total: 5.16km in 1:03:02 with pack + 10.5kg and average heart rate 59% maximum HR.

2 responses to “Sandy Creek stroll

  1. It’s really nice reading through your posts to see you spend a lot of time with your mum, sharing activities you both enjoy πŸ™‚

    • I am enjoying spending time with Mum. I’m lucky she enjoys cycling and bushwalking πŸ™‚

      I just spent 4 days with Dad on a road trip. That was pretty cool too πŸ™‚

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