You’re Kidding MTB trail

You’re Kidding MTB trail

“You’re kidding” is an Australian saying that can be roughly translated to “You’re not serious, are you?”. It’s a saying we usually used in disbelief but this morning the trail’s name was more reflective of its ending at Kidd Road, Redland Bay.

In all my years exploring Bayview Conservation Park I’ve never ridden You’re Kidding so this morning I decided to give the trail a go. After just one ride I know it’s going to be my favourite MTB trail. The single track flows naturally through both open forest and dense patches of she-oak. The trail has a few obstacles but for the most part is flat, fun and fast course that will see experienced riders scraping their handlebars between close growing trees.

I’m more recreational beginner than experienced rider so for me the trail is a good match for my skills. I didn’t race through scraping trees but instead found a comfortable flowing rhythm that allowed me to pop my front wheel up and over most of the obstacles without having to put my feet down.

In the scary forest

This adds to the scary feel

The she-oak forest was eerie in the fifteen minutes between dawn and daylight. The black skeletons seemed to be rambling shabbily like an army of zombies. The logs track laid across a section of swamp was like a graveyard of she-oak bones that rattled as my wheels rolled across them.

You’re Kidding is probably only about 3km long but is definitely worth incorporating into any Bayview exploration. The rest of my ride this morning was along fire trails of various quality. But the highlight was definitely You’re Kidding.

Total: 12.9km MTB in 1:15:11 @ avg 79% max HR.


2 responses to “You’re Kidding MTB trail

  1. You’re Kidding is an illegal track built without council approval. It is not known yet if the track will be shut down and closed off. There are other illegal trails that lead to Kidd Street so you can make a loop. They don’t look like they will be finished anytime soon, so for now, most people ride along You’re Kidding then turn around and ride back.

    I like your description of the Scary Forrest and the Graveyard Bridge and how the trees looked like an army of zombies!

    • It’d be a shame to see the track removed given the mass destruction council (or some other responsible party) have done by creating wide gravel trails at the Teviot Road end of Bayview where there used to be single track and walking paths. But that’s just my opinion having grown up riding horses and running through the area before the bulldozers and gravel trucks did their thing. (You know how we can all get a bit nostalgic)

      Mind you, the fact that there are now MTB trails is fantastic – they weren’t yet in existence when I was a teenager; we only had the tracks that are now fire trail.

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