The Maze MTB trail and a bush bash

MTB riding in the darkness

A year ago I spent my pre-dawn hours curled up asleep in bed. These days, darkness is no longer a limiting factor. The sun doesn’t rise until just after 6am but that’s not stopping me from training. This morning I transferred my handlebar mounted bicycle lamp from my road bike to my MTB. The mounting bracket is long broken so I’ve strapped the lamp on with trusty duct tape. I supplemented the handlebar lamp with my Petzel headlight. Together they gave me enough light to pick my way along the loose gravel and wash outs on the fire trail. Every time I head out in the darkness like this my confidence grows and my riding is improving.

The Maze MTB trail

It never ceases to amaze me that, after all these years, I still find new trails in Bayview Conservation Park. This morning I came across a new-looking MTB trail: The Maze. Some sections of the trail were well ridden while others looked like they’d only recently been cut. The trail was a delightful single track. It had slow sections that dropped downhill over exposed tree roots and fast flowing flat sections along smooth dirt. There were some off-shoots leading away from The Maze that might have been continuations or other trails; I will come back another time to explore them.

A trail ended so I decided to just bush bash 800m instead of riding back

The end of The Maze met with fire trail. I’d never turned right on this fire trail before so I went that way this morning. The trail turned into an overgrown vehicle track before terminating suddenly. An overgrown path led into the bush at the end of the vehicle track; it was more footpad than single track but I decided to follow it anyway. After about 100m the track totally disappeared.

I could see from the map on my Garmin 800 that I had two options: ride a few kilometres back the way I had come or traverse about 800m of untracked bushland. I chose the latter option. After about 15 minutes of carrying my bike through long grass and moderately wooded bushland I came to a branch of The Maze and followed it back to the bush exit. It was a perfect morning.

Total: 15.43km @ 10.8kph. Average temperature 11.3’C.


4 responses to “The Maze MTB trail and a bush bash

  1. The Maze is an old track that has recently been reopened by the Redland City Council Fire Management Team and their volunteer group of Bushcare workers. Over the next few months The Maze and Shark Tail will have their water damaged sections tidied up before the team move their efforts to the Cleveland Mountain Bike Park near Redlands Hospital.

    I admire your adventurous spirit, getting out there before dawn and bushwhacking when the track stops.

    • How do people get involved in the volunteer group?

      I’ve lived in this area most of my life and have been bush bashing through Bayview since I was a teenager so it’s natural and normal for me. I rode horses and ran there back when the whole lower end was off-limits due to drug production (I got chased out by men with big guns when I was about 14 years old). The trails are great.

    To volunteer check this page and ask to be added to the email list. They meet up about once a month.

    From what I have heard from the locals, those men with big guns were corrupt police officers. All cleaned up by the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

    • They were pretty scary guys. My sister and I came across them when we were out horse-riding in the early ’90s. They had a big camp with 4WDs and dogs and stuff. They definitely didn’t like us being there because they literally chased us with guns and threatened to find where we lived. We just assumed (being young teenagers) that we had entered private property so we never reported it. I heard years later that there had been a big drug bust out Carbrook so we figured that was them.

      Gotta admit my heart raced pretty hard the first time I went back down that area of the bush late last year with the running club. LOL. So glad they are gone and that we can again enjoy the lower sections of bush because they are my favourite areas compared with the top end near Days Road.

      Thanks for the link. I’ll have a look. I have quite a few volunteer commitments at the moment with Triathlon Queensland, Geoquest and Oxfam Trailwalker but maybe it’s something I can look into later this year.

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