Waterfront run

I joined the Brisbane Bayside Runners and Walkers this morning for a run along the Redland Bay waterfront. After the big day on Sunday I intended to take it easy. But I should have known better.

I started out relatively easily, running behind the group and stopping to take my socks off to help my feet and legs relax. We ran as a group along the waterfront roads and paths by the light of our head torches. We must have been running at about 6:15 pace for the run out.

After we turned around things changed. Our group split as M and R picked up their pace. I pushed myself to keep up with them and went from having an average heart rate in the 70s to running at over 90% maximum heart rate for about 5km. With 4km to go it was just M and I out in front. I think testosterone took over as I worked hard to keep up with him but at the 2km mark I lost him. We were running at about 4:35 pace and it was just too fast for me.

I had a fantastic run. It was harder and faster than I intended but so long as I don’t do that every day I’ll be fine.

Total: 12.26km @ 5:46 pace with average heart rate 86% maximum and average temperature 17.3’C.


4 responses to “Waterfront run

  1. I know nothing about statistics or pace but I do know you have to push yourself hard to improve. It is equally important to rest and give your body time to repair muscle damage and replenish carbohydrate reserves. Everybody needs different amounts of rest, you just have to learn what your body needs.

    • Too true. I am not training for improvement at the moment. I just do what feels right on the day. This morning I took it really easy. Tomorrow I’m just doing a pack hike.

      My racing season is over for the 2011/2012 year. Not that the break will be long … I think my first race for the 2012/13 year is on 1 July. Mind you, I won’t be racing for competition … I’ll be participating for a finish 🙂

  2. I very rarely stick to it when I say I’m going to take things easy. It’s a combination of being competitive and telling myself I’ll take it easy the next time . . . as if 🙂

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