Cleveland geo-run


I haven’t been geocaching in a week and am starting to get withdrawal symptoms so this morning I set off with the coordinates of twelve caches loaded into my trusty Garmin Edge 800. I drove the 20km to Cleveland, arriving just after 5am with high hopes to increase my tally at least to 125 caches. Alas, it was not to be 😦 . I only found four of the ten caches I attempted and decided I was too geo-blind to bother running extra kilometres to attempt the two that were furthest from the car.

But that’s not to say I didn’t have a delightful morning. I had the footpaths to myself in the pre-dawn darkness and enjoyed warm temperatures (average today was 18.7’C).

I started by running across a sports field to search for Little Miss Show-Off. I found the GZ easily but the small cache was well-hidden under the very tree roots I was standing on. Once I moved my feet and looked under them the find was easy and I was quickly signing the log. I then followed the footpath out of the sports fields to The Path C. This was a simple cache; the only challenge was keeping my feet dry as I jumped across a storm water drain. With two finds from two attempts I was feeling confident.

From The Path C I followed the path implied by the name to search for The Path D, The Path E and The Path F. The path itself was beautiful, even by the light of my head torch. Tall gum trees grew along it, creating a silent avenue of spectators. The path itself was dead flat, making running easy and keeping my heart rate down for once. Unfortunately, my searches for all three caches were in vain. I felt better knowing that no one else has found The Path D and The Path E since February, with my DNF adding to a string of similar outcomes.

After my lack of success with The Path caches, I turned down a bush track to look for Emily’s 21st. I was starting to get worried about my geocaching skills but put them to rest when I walked straight through the bush to grab this cache. But not without a small squeal when I saw the guard spider. The photo in this post really doesn’t do the arachnid justice because in the photo it’s curled it’s legs up; it was more impressive when I first saw it with it’s legs out.

I left the bush behind to run down through suburban streets to My Backyard, which I found with ease before heading out along some more bush trails to look for A Micro in the Forest and The Pump House. As nice as the run was, I came up empty-handed on both occasions. On my way back to the car I took a short detour to look for Dean’s Museum, which I also managed to miss.

All in all it was a lovely run but a terrible geohunt. I usually have more success than this so am not sure what went wrong this morning. I guess it just means I have an excuse to go back to look for these caches again on another day. Perhaps next time I’ll wait until it’s daylight next time.

Total: 7.90km with average heart rate 66%.


2 responses to “Cleveland geo-run

  1. Good job my work colleague hasn’t seen the photo . . . he’d be freaking out now lol.

    • I take it he doesn’t like spiders? I found a bigger one on my way home from South Australia. It was the size of my hand (granted I have small hands). I didn’t have my camera on me though so couldn’t take a photo 😦

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