Pack hike

Pack and weights

For the first time in weeks, I wasn’t really feeling it when my alarm went off this morning.  It was still dark outside and, while it was a warm morning, it felt so good to snuggle in bed. I probably would have slept in if I hadn’t organised for Mum to come on my training walk with me. But, Mum was on her way so I had to get out of bed.

I’m glad I made the effort to get up because I felt a lot better after our walk. The training program I’m roughly following is a bushwalking program aimed at helping me get fit enough for multi-day pack hikes. Sure, it doesn’t include running or cycling but I’m just using it as a base that I modify every day depending on how I feel. This morning’s session was meant to be  a 20 minute hill walk with 7kg in my pack. But 20 minutes is barely long enough for me to raise a sweat or to really suck the sweet smell of trees into my lungs.While I didn’t reduce my weight all the way down to 7kg, I did decrease it from 10kg to 9kg.

Mum and I drove around the corner to one of the entries to Bayview Conservation Park. We can walk there from my home but I wanted to get stuck right into the bush rather than walking through the boggy grass field first. Mum had forgotten her headlamp so I loaned her mine and let her walk in the lead. It was an interesting experience walking in the dark behind her along the single-track trails winding slowly uphill. While I have often walked through bushland in the dark and found it comfortable, the presence of light really affected my night-vision.

We had a lovely walk and I’m glad I decided to go out instead of staying in bed. Besides, it’s Friday so that means two nice easy days of weekend are stretching out ahead of me. Who knows, I might even have that sleep in on Sunday morning.

Total: 4.96km hike with pack + 9kg with average heart rate 65% of maximum and average temperature 20.3’C.


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