Rest day ramblings

How I felt after an intense week on the road (photo taken on Moreton Island hike Sept 2011)

After an intense week on the road I spent yesterday feeling totally spent and couldn’t even drag myself out of bed this morning. I walked in my front door just after midnight on Wednesday night and couldn’t sleep in Thursday morning due to my having to drop my motorbike off at the mechanic for a service. So it’s no surprise that I was sound asleep by 8:30 last night after struggling to keep my eyes open at work all day.

I thought for sure I’d be right to get up early to join my running friends on their 3hr 10min run at 4:45 this morning after an early night. But when the alarm went off I could barely open my eyes and decided instead to join another group of my running friends on their 6:00am easy road cycle. I even sent an sms to say I was coming. But again I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. So I did a rare thing and slept in. By 6:45am my body was ready to rise from bed to greet the day.

It’s said that rest is an important part of training. Sometimes it’s genuinely difficult to accept the need to rest, particularly when it’s the second day in a row that I feel tired. But I’m glad I rested this morning because I feel fantastic now and am motivated for a big weekend of fun, rather than a weekend in which I am chasing my tail.

Tomorrow I am hoping to join some other running friends on their 3hr 10min training run. Then Sunday and Monday I think I will try to complete the 56km Conondale Range Great Walk in two days. It will be a big task but I think I’m up to it.


5 responses to “Rest day ramblings

  1. That picture is fantastic! I hope the recovery isn’t as bad!!

    • LOL 🙂 I think my son took it while my best friend walked away scratching her head at us being so silly 🙂

      No, recovery is good. A good sleep in this morning was just what the doctor ordered.

  2. Thank god it’s Friday – I’m in some serious need of rest too. Looking forward to not cycling tomorrow ……

    • Did you manage to stick to your no cycling? Or did you just have to get out on the bike? 😉

      Yep, I’ve decided rest around home is in order. I have even shifted my hiking trip to the weekend 23-24 June because I missed my partner too much while I was away and can’t really bear to spend this current weekend away from her again. I am going to try to hire a kayak at one of the islands near my home tomorrow … I’ve wanted to do that for months so am going to finally make the time 🙂

  3. Love the photo 🙂

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