Night pack hike

Whoops. Must have walked so fast my shoes melted 🙂

I can’t wait for the Solstice. Not only because it’s a significant day on the seasonal calendar, but also because it marks the turning point between the long hours of morning darkness and dawn coming earlier again. It’s been so difficult to get up in the morning and training in darkness. I don’t mind when the sun rises at 5:30am or earlier, but at the moment it’s rising just after 6:30am, which means my entire sessions are often done in darkness. Fortunately, this only lasts a few weeks here in Brisbane.

Enjoying the cool night air

Today I treated myself to a sleep in and went for my pack hike tonight instead. It was actually really nice to go walking at night instead of in the morning. I probably wouldn’t do it all the time because it cut into precious time with my partner. But it does make a lovely change and I thoroughly enjoyed it tonight.

It’s slightly warmer at night than in the morning and there is no dew on the ground. For barefoot walking it’s definitely better because my feet didn’t freeze on cold dewy grass. I felt fantastic carting around my pack plus 13kg of water bottles in the cool night air. It was good to help clear my head after a long day in the office before settling down to a delicious dinner and a night in front of the box (I love chilling in front of the TV at night). I think I will incorporate night walks or runs into my training regime more often.

Total: 3.65km walk with pack + 13kg in 43:41.


6 responses to “Night pack hike

  1. Sunrise for me is about 7.40am. So when I walk the dog it is almost always dark when I get back home 🙂

    I am enjoying the early morning walks. I never used to be able to get up this early, but that date with the surgeon did wonders :))

    The catch is that for me, increasing sunlight equals increasing cold weather for July and August, which are generally colder than the darkest month (June).

    • Urgh! I’d hate it if sunrise was that late. Good thing I don’t live in the Apple Isle 🙂

      July and August are also the coldest months here in Brisbane, it’s almost as though winter gets on a role later in the season. But fortunately it’s not as cold as down south so our coldest morning is probably like a delightful Autumn morning down there.

      Any nice views of snow on your mountains lately?

      • We had a snowfall on Tuesday…lasted about 8 hours and was all gone by the time I took Lucy for her walk 😦 It was a cold day though temp range was 3.5 to 9.3 degrees C. Today the temp is currently under 10 degrees C but no snow!!!!

  2. I love being up in the Welsh mountains at night when I go bikepacking. It is so peaceful and safe as apart from whoever I’m with, there’s no one else around 🙂

  3. That’s how I feel when I read about your adventures lol.

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