13 weeks to Tough Mudder Sydney

Oh dear! It’s just hit me! Tough Mudder Sydney is only 13 weeks away! And I didn’t just enter one event. I signed up to repeat the whole course again on the Sunday. Also, I don’t have a team of mates coming along with me so will be alone the crowd relying on random acts of kindness to help me through the team elements of the course.

I’ve got plenty of aerobic and mental endurance but my upper body and core strength have pretty much gone out the window since I stopped going to parkour classes a few months ago. I’ve been cruising along pretending that everything will be okay and that I’ll just breeze through the event. But that’s just asking for trouble.

So it’s time for me to get serious and do some Tough Mudder specific training. It will probably be beneficial to me as a triathlete too because what I have in endurance I lose in strength. Today I’ve downloaded the Tough Mudder Boot Camp training program. Saturday is exactly 13 weeks to the event so tomorrow morning seems like a really good time to get started on this program. That gives me tonight to buy myself a few necessary items, such as a skipping rope and medicine ball, and to find a good location to train at where I can use monkey bars as a pull-up bar. It’s a good thing today is payday and that the sports shop is open late tonight.

The training program recommends that I do the Tough Mudder Boot Camp three days a week and and to do also do an additional three cardio sessions a week. So I’m going to try to do my Tough Mudder sessions on Friday, Monday and Wednesdays for the next 13 weeks. The toughest part will be sticking to the training plan 😉


2 responses to “13 weeks to Tough Mudder Sydney

  1. There are a lot of organisations keen to take you through the training that they tell you is “essential preparation” for the Tough Mudder. I say just back yourself. This is a participation event that you will get through if you pace yourself and are careful not to get injured. It’s great fun and you’ll have a great time!

    • It’s funny you should mention that article – I stumbled across it earlier today but didn’t have a chance to comment. It was a great article because it had some good balance compared with some of the hype in other posts.

      I aren’t the one to take up with organised training. I’m just using the free training program off the Tough Mudder website. There was another one on there when I first signed up for TM Sydney back when entries first opened and way before the promotional hype hit Australia. I stumbled across Tough Mudder online last year before dates for Melbourne and Sydney were set but the timing for entering Melbourne didn’t suit me due to it being too close to some triathlons I wanted to do. Anyway, the original program was more muscle based and didn’t really suit me. But this new program I’ve found they have on their site is more suited to the general style fitness I want to build during the triathlon off-season anyway 🙂

      Yeah, I’m only going as a participant. I won’t be racing. I read a blog recently where a lady felt she ‘let her team down’ because she stopped the rest of them (all men) from being able to do a faster time. But the whole point of the event is just to get out and get muddy, not to race.

      I am nervous about the possibility of injury but am determined to play within my limits so that I have a challenge and fun but don’t wipe myself out for the rest of the season. I don’t have a team or know anyone else doing the event in Sydney so will be relying on strangers to help me through.

      As for ropes on Everest on the Sunday – I suspect that’s because some participants are backing up on Sunday after Saturday and there are traditionally far fewer Mudders on the Sunday event. I’m backing up on Sunday and think I’ll be grateful for the ropes if they are there for us in Sydney … I decided to enter both days because I want to really test myself.

      Oh and I totally agree with what you say about it probably not being the toughest event on earth if 15,000 people from all walks of life can turn up. The attraction to me is just that it’s going to be muddy and crazy 😉

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