Tough Mudder Training session 2/37 (12 weeks to go)

I had to skip my three Tough Mudder training sessions this week due to illness. But I am pretty much all better now so this morning I decided to do yesterday’s Tough Mudder session so that I only missed two sessions. While I could have gone running or cycling, I know that I need the core and leg strength work that’s included in the Tough Mudder boot camp sessions.

I started the day with a light 2km walk and jog around our neighbourhood then rode my mountain bike 1.6km down to the park with my 5kg dumbell in my backpack. At the park I found a sport where I could set up to do the 60 minute Tough Mudder boot camp session. After a week of rain the park was quite boggy so I set my exercise list and mobile phone on a table under a shelter that had a concrete floor. Though, by the end of the session, my feet would be wet.

By the end of the five minute warm up I knew that I still aren’t at full fitness. I did one minute each of running on the spot, grapevine, side shuffles, high knees and butt kicks. I was suffering at the end of the warm up so decided that I should practice pacing myself so that I got through the session.Β When I say I was suffering, I don’t mean that I felt sick (though my stomach wasn’t happy with the fact that I’d eaten a piece of chocolate cake after breakfast).

I decided to pace myself for the five circuits in the session, rather than doing them flat out like I did last Friday; partly to get through them and partly because I have a duathlon race tomorrow morning and don’t want to be too sore for that.

My first circuit was ten minutes of running, spider pushups, jumping jacks, squat press with the 5kg dumbell, jump rope (without actually having a skipping rope) and ‘rest’ position (aka stress position). That session went alright. it was tough but I managed to get through it. I ended with one minute rest,

The second circuit really hurt. I did ten minutes of burpees, Turkish get-ups, skates, crawl outs, ski jumps and side plank. It was the burpees that really caused my stomach to complain about the chocolate cake; I got serious acid burn. But I guess that’s what happens when your diet isn’t quite as healthy as it should be. Again, I ended with one minute rest.

I started to feel good during my third circuit. I hit my stride as I completed ten minutes of standing climb, leap frogs, high knees, pull-ups (I completed a set of 5 followed by a set of 3), quick feet where I dropped to the ground every 20 seconds and lunges. As with each set, I ended with one minute rest.

Set four was okay. The ten minute circuit consisted of standing on each leg, plank, running, jumping jacks and scissor jumps. By the scissor jumps I was glad that the fifth set would be my last. Like the previous sets, I completed set four at about 65% capacity. I ended with a one minute rest.

Set five was a real test of endurance and commitment. The ten minute set consisted of burpees, chin ups (I only managed 5 this time), skates, squat jumps onto the bench, ski jumps and lunges. I was so glad to see the back of the set and the session.

I finished the whole session with five minutes of stretching and cooling down before jumping back on my bike to ride the 1.6km home.

While the session was tough, despite only doing it at about 65% capacity, it felt good to complete it. I have fresh new goals for the 2012-13 season and I know this strength work is going to prepare me to achieve more than just Tough Mudder. I know it’s going to make me strong enough to achieve what is now my ultimate season goal: to run the NorthFace 100 within 20 hours so I can qualify for the Cradle Mountain Run in 2014. That’s good incentive to keep at the Tough Mudder sessions too.

5 responses to “Tough Mudder Training session 2/37 (12 weeks to go)

  1. Tough Mudder is my 2013 goal… I am so interested in following your training! Keep up the good work!

  2. You’d better qualify for the cradle mountain run!!!!! πŸ˜‰ Have fun with your training, I’m interested to see/hear how it all goes! πŸ˜€

    • I’ll be trying my absolute best to qualify πŸ™‚ The run starts at the southern end and goes to the northern end with a bus provided from Launceston … if I get a spot it means I’ll be nearby to visit πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Yay!!!! It’s not until February 2014 but I have to start preparing now to meet the selection criteria.

  3. It’s a good goal to aim for! I’ve not heard of it, but then I don’t run so yeah…

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