Tough Mudder Training Session 3/37

The view from my training spot

I have survived another Tough Mudder Boot Camp training session. I started the session relying on my head torch for light and ended it with this gorgeous view of the lake in my local park where I have been training. Not a bad way to start a cold winter’s morning.

My legs felt a lot better today than they did during Saturday’s session. And my decision to eat breakfast after training was a good one because I didn’t have to battle an upset stomach. Mind you, I probably would have been fine on Saturday too if I’d not eaten a big slab of chocolate cake before training 😉 .

I won’t bore you with the details of the session. It included all the same exercises and circuits as the last two Tough Mudder Boot Camp session. I’m proud of my efforts so far to complete three complete sessions on my own. There’s only 34 to go before the big day and I’m determined to complete all of them.

4 responses to “Tough Mudder Training Session 3/37

  1. Keep it up. I’m sure it’ll pay dividends on the big day …

  2. Looks a lovely place to train 🙂

    • It is 🙂 I like it a lot. This morning I watched the moon drop down below the trees behind the lake. It makes the tough training sessions more bearable 😉

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