Canberra scenery







I had to travel to Canberra today for work. The travel prevented me from training but I had half an hour free between my last appointment and my flight home so I took some photos to share.

Canberra might be Australia’s capital city but it’s also one of our smallest. There’s not much here except beautifully landscaped government buildings and their surrounds.

It’s climate is so far removed from that in my subtropical home city that I always feel like I’m overseas when I visit. They have bare winter branches and crisp cold winter air here at the moment. It’s lovely (to visit).

I hope you enjoy my rest day images. I am refreshed and chomping at the bit for tomorrow’s training session as I lay here on the airport floor watching the full moon rising above the waiting airplanes.


4 responses to “Canberra scenery

  1. Nice photos Andrew πŸ™‚ I’ve never seen a tree like that before.

  2. Could you email me regarding how you get your photos to come out nice and large in wordpress. One of my friends is having trouble posting her photos so they come out large. Her’s are coming out like a large thumbnail. I don’t know how wordpress works, so I can’t help her, but hoping you might! Then I can email her, so then we can all see her photos!

    PS: Love your photos, glad you had a good day, was it still chilly by the time you got there?

    • No worries Lizzy … I’ll send you an email later this week with step-by-step instructions πŸ™‚

      It was lovely in Canberra when I arrived because it was about 11am … I also got to leave before it got too cold. I think it was about 4’C when I arrived but the sun was shining and I went from the airport to a taxi to a meeting to a taxi etc all day … πŸ™‚ The only times I was outside were for a short period at lunch time when it was about 12’C and then in the evening when I took those photos when it was still about 8’C. Riding my motorbike home from the airport at 9:30pm in Brisbane was cold though – 4’C … brrr

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