An awesome motivational ultra running film

Argh! I’ve got another cold. It’s not in my head this time but is sniffles and coughing. I don’t feel too bad (unlike a week or two ago when I felt really horrible). But I do have to take it easy so that I don’t get more sick or carry sickness with me all winter. Colds are doing the rounds in my family, workplace and running club; so it’s no surprise I’ve caught it again.

This morning I slept in instead of doing Tough Mudder training. The Tough Mudder sessions are the ones that mess me around the most when it comes to training. By comparison, the easy trail run yesterday was relatively comfortable and didn’t leave me feeling as rough as a strength session would have. So tomorrow morning I might make time for a short slow trail run just to get some movement going.

This morning, instead of heading out training, I watched a fantastic two-part film about a middle-of-the-pack ultra runner who ran a 100 mile event. I found it so inspirational that I’m sharing it here.

I love watching films about people who, like me, are middle- and back-of-the-pack runners. I can relate to these films and they show me I too can achieve anything I set out to achieve. The film makes me feel excited about my first 50km trail run in August.


7 responses to “An awesome motivational ultra running film

  1. Absolutely awesome inspiration. I too am a ‘middle of the pack’ runner. It does not come easy, but I enjoy every minute of it. Thanks for sharing the videos.

    • I’m the same Mac. Being in the middle of the pack doesn’t come easy to me either but I also enjoy it 🙂 Just being able to be out there at all is such a blessing. 🙂

  2. banzaiadventurer

    Thanks for posting this film. You’re right, quite inspirational stuff.

  3. Great videos. Bummer about the cold too. Have you seen the Solomon trail video? Pretty amazing scenery!

    • Wow! What a great video. I might have to share that one on the blog because it’s today’s training given the cold (not sensible to go out in the rain when I have a bit of a fever)

  4. Inspirational. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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