Getting inspiration while I’m off sick

It’s a cold rainy winter’s day in Brisbane today and I still have that cold.

I’ve spent my nights coughing a lot and sweating so much that I’ve had to wake up a few times to change my t-shirt after being cold from the sweat. That’s a good thing though because it means my body is doing what it needs to do to get well again so that I can get back out running and cycling.

Thank you to Brian Beatty who shared this awesome link with me. It’s definitely one that motivates me to look after myself so that I can hit the trail running season in full health. It’s now just over 1 month until my first race (the 22km Lake Manchester Trail Run) and I am so excited that I keep visualising myself cruising along the trial around the lake.

Twelve months ago, I was barely running 500m at a time. On 15 September, just over two months away, I will be lining up at the start of my first 50km ultra. It fills me with such emotion when I think about how just a year ago I wasn’t fit enough (either physically or emotionally) to run 1% of that distance. Just toeing that start line will be such an achievement. I can already see myself finishing the event all puffed out after doing my run-a-bit, walk-a-bit routine with a huge smile on my face.

And it’s video clips like this one that help me remain focused on my goals during the frustration of forced rest days like today:


9 responses to “Getting inspiration while I’m off sick

  1. Kimberly /

    That is awesome! You have come a long way… And fast!! Very impressive!

    • I put a lot of my progress down to my joining the Brisbane Bayside Runners and Walkers club last August. There are so many inspirational men and women in the club who just get out and do their thing. The focus in the club isn’t on performance or training but on enjoying the act of running. There’s always someone to run with and there’s pretty much no competition … I love it heaps πŸ™‚

      • Kimberly /

        Enjoying it is about 99% of the battle! I was so glad you were right about the tri people being nice and social too! I was pleasantly surprised that the majority were pretty chatty!

  2. There is a nasty influenza virus going around Brisbane at the moment. Definitely rest up and make sure you take in plenty of fluids! Hope you are back on the road to recovery and then to training soon!

    • I had noticed that a lot of people seem to have head and chest colds at the moment. It always seems to happen this time of the year doesn’t it – a virus does the rounds and takes us all out at once.

      I hope you are managing to keep away from it.

      Does fluids include the new alcoholic ginger beer I’ve discovered? Probably not hey πŸ˜‰ … Best stick to lots of water *grins cheekily*

    • My partner did bring me home some ginger beer. It was spicy apple flavoured and was probably very good for a cold … ginger being warming and apple being a fruit πŸ˜‰

  3. I just bought the soundtrack song to this video as it’s great. Thanks for posting πŸ˜€

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