More inspiration from my cough-cold riddled self

I don’t usually like to share a lot of YouTube clips but at the moment I am still unwell (though I am winning the battle). My night-time cough-cold fevers are starting to reach the breaking point and during the day I feel well and clear-headed at work so I am confident I’ll be out running and riding again next week.

In the meantime, I am doing my best to exercise self-control by not giving in to the temptation to run or ride on the cold rainy mornings we’ve been having because I know that will only set me back another bought of the cough-cold (if I’m honest, I wasn’t fully over my last bout when I started training again and I think that’s why it’s come back).

Also, I need to be fully fit this weekend because I’m support crew for a friend’s team who are walking the Kokoda Challenge at the Gold Coast. They will be walking 96km and aim to complete the walk in 36-38 hours. My job is to meet them at the major checkpoints to provide them with food, drinks, encouragement and anything else they might ask for. Given that they expect to be at the major checkpoints at 4pm (for an hour), 10pm (for 3 hours), 6am (for an hour), 3pm (for an hour) and to finish around 9pm it’s going to be critical for me to rest so that I can function in the cold, dark and wet conditions that I’m expecting.

So, today I’ve enjoyed watching this fantastic footage of Kilian running. It’s a fantastic reminder that trail running is all about being natural, free and playful. Sure, very few of us will ever be as good as Kilian but for me it’s those principles that I take away from watching this clip.


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