I have Vibrams!

My new Vibram Bikila LS shoes

I’m so excited! I’ve wanted a pair of Vibram Five Fingers since I started barefoot running 12 months ago. And now I own a pair. And not just the base pair; a pair of Bikila LS, which are a more fancy.

The biggest reason I’ve not wanted to buy a pair of the Vibrams is that they were ridiculously expensive in Australia, compared with both ‘normal’ running shoes and the international prices for them. The other reason was because only one shoe store in the whole of Brisbane (population 2.1 million) was authorised to sell them and it was too much effort to travel into the city on the hope that that particular store was both open and had my size / style.

All that has changed. Today, my partner and I stopped in one of the mainstream chain sports stores at our local suburban shopping centre. I only intended to quickly browse and leave. But them my partner saw the Vibrams and exlaimed:

These shoes look groovy.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw both the range of Five Fingers on offer and the prices. Actually, I almost feinted in shock when I saw the Vibram Bikilas for $AU179. That’s the same price as a mid-range pair of ‘normal’ running shoes and over $100 cheaper than they were last year when they were only available from one stockist.

I really was going to be good and wait until payday next week but when my partner announced that she loved the shoes herself and wanted a pair resistance became futile. We now each own a grey pair of Vibram Bikila LS shoes. Her’s are two sizes smaller than mine but no doubt the best way to identify the difference will be that mine are the stinky ones that have been used on trail runs while hers are the clean pair that she has used while walking and going to the gym.

I was already excited about my 15km trail run tonight but now I can barely wait until 5:30pm to get out of work. Not only is this my first new pair of running shoes since May 2011 but this is actually a pair I like, rather than the cheapest pair I could find on sale.


2 responses to “I have Vibrams!

  1. I have a pair myself. I’m not brave enough to try them on the trails (yet), but the day will come!

    • They are brilliant on trails. Mind you, I’ve been running full barefoot for about a year (not on trails but on road / grass) so wearing Vibrams is like putting shoes on, rather than taking them off.

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