Long run

My favourite part of the run

I got this crazy idea earlier this week: I decided to run to and from running club. I haven’t been to running club in ages because I always seem to be busy on Saturday mornings but since I’ve decided to run ultras I have also decided to try to get to running club more often because I enjoy it a lot. And without the Brisbane Bayside Runners and Walkers club, I would never have got the courage to enter running events because I was always scared to run. That sounds silly but I always equated running with pain, not pleasure. But being with the club and all those runners who get out every week to enjoy the experience of running inspires me. What I like most is that you don’t have to be fast or run marathons. You just have to turn up and enjoy the run along the waterfront, choosing your own distance and pace. And then we get to hang out at the bakery afterwards.

So I woke at 4am to get dressed and eat something before setting off into the darkness. Mentally, I split my run into three segments: the run to club, the club run, the walk-a-bit run-a-bit home.

Stars shone in the sky as I ran down the grassy verge of the main road. The rain has left the verge more mud bath than grass and my feet were saturated in no time. I find the Vibrams handle wet surfaces well. When my feet get wet in the Vibrams they don’t get heavy like shoes; it just feels like my bare feet are wet. I cruised along by the light of my headlamp for the 12.71km from home to running club at 6:19 pace. There wasn’t much to see due to the darkness.

I arrived at running club just as everyone was arriving and preparing to set off. I had a few minutes to catch my breath before we all set off towards the esplanade leading to Point O’Halloran. The tide was way out this morning so we had a lovely view of the mud flats, which seemed to stretch forever. But today I didn’t go down to club for the view; I went to socialise. And socialise I did, running with my friends for the 6.18km course. I also intended to take the run easy but found myself pushing to keep up with the blokes I was chatting with. My average pace for the club run was 5:45. The other blokes ran faster but I got dropped and worked my way back through the field.

I spent at least an hour at the bakery after the club run before I set off back home. I started walking a few kilometres with some of my club mates who were walking home. After dropping them off I set off running back home. My legs had cooled down a lot at the bakery and I struggled to get going again. But I didn’t mind too much. I just wanted to get some time on my feet. So I walked-a-bit and ran-a-bit all the way back home, enjoying the sensation of warm sun on my skin and the views of my home area. By the time I was home I was a bit sore but I know it was partly because I pushed too hard during the club run instead of pacing myself. The run home was 10.54km at 8:06 pace. Which was still fast enough for me to complete the 50km trail run next week within the cut-offs.

Total: 29.42km @ 6:49min/km pace (6:35 moving pace). Elevation gain: 274m. Average temperature: 18.6’C.


2 responses to “Long run

  1. Nice going – you seem to be doing really well with your efforts! You’ll be good for your race 😀

    • Thanks Vixx. I’m a bit sore tonight after today’s run. Especially in my left ankle. I know it’s not injured but it’s tight. The reason I know it’s not injured is because I haven’t felt feint at any time and can’t remember rolling it or anything. I think it’s just left over from when I rolled it a few months back.

      I think I might have overdone it a bit this week with the new shoes. I ran about 65km in the week, which is more than triple my usual mileage. Whoops 😉

      Will be taking it easy this week to prepare for Sunday’s 50km (well, I’m going for a 4-day 56km hike from Wed to Sat but I won’t be doing much running)

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