A very slow run


I wasn’t feeling it today, but I still ran. Well, I ran and walked. Slowly.

It’s Monday morning so I think I have a combination of Mondayitis and fatigue from Saturday’s long run. I struggled to get out of bed, hitting snooze about five times. By the time I got up it was actually starting to get a bit light outside. I grabbed my running gear, threw on my motorbike jacket and rode down to Victoria Point to enjoy the sunrise over the water.

My legs felt tight as I ran so I tried to focus on my technique. Rather than letting myself stride out, I tried keeping my legs underneath my body and my steps gentle. Like my past two runs, I ran on a combination of deep soft damp grass and concrete footpath. I think this combination has added to my leg fatigue. Running on the grass is a bit like running in beach sand while the concrete paths have no give at all.

While I really wasn’t feeling it at all in my run, I worked on not letting my mind get to me. I think nerves about Sunday’s event are part of the reason my legs were tense today. So I spent time enjoying the scenery as I ran along the waterfront. And I have done the maths: I can definitely complete 50km in 8 hours because that’s only a pace of just over 6kph and I know from Saturday that I can cover 30km at a pace of just under 9kph. So that gives me plenty of breathing space (and time to enjoy the scenery and take a few photos).

Tomorrow morning I might just head out to the single track near home to give my legs a rest from the hard work. With my first 50km ‘race’ on Sunday, I am going to keep the mileage low this week. Tomorrow I might just do a 5-10km trot at about 7:00-7:30 pace. Then Wednesday to Sunday I am going on a 4-day hike with my parents. We’ll be covering 56km over the course of the four days but will be carrying all our camping gear and food. It should still be relaxing and good preparation for Sunday.

Total: 5.00km @ 7:14 pace. Elevation gain: 0m. Average temperature: 13.2’C.


4 responses to “A very slow run

  1. Well done on the nomination 🙂 Lovely photo to start the day.

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